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One For the RoadONE FOR THE ROAD

Harlequin Blaze #387
April 2008
ISBN: 037379391X

Drive me wild!

A dull job, boring relationships.  Life was a yawn when Lucy Christie decided to hit the road with her best friend.  But she didn’t know just how much her dream vacation—a drive down Route 66 in search of no-questions-asked, guilt-free sexual encounters—would shake things up.

Her first conquest was Joshua, a cowboy with fancy boots and hips made for sin, a man who filled in every gap in her previously limited sexual education.  In fact, he was so good, Lucy regretted having to give him up.  But when she tried moving on to the next “drive-by seduction,” her demanding lover tagged along…intent on seducing her stop after stop!

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Excerpt from ONE FOR THE ROAD

“I have a proposition,” she said.

Joshua’s body was already revving, a machine set into motion at the carnal images roaring through his brain. Flesh memories of her long legs under his palms, his fingers slipping between her sex…

“Name it,” he said.

She nodded toward his truck. “How roomy is it in there?”

He opened his door. “Roomy enough.”

“Okay.” She sidled toward him. “I’m going to give you a shot at getting what you want.”

Lust planked him. “Your body?”

“If you’re lucky. I’m talking about something else. Something you’ve asked me for a few times now.”

Her name?

“I’m guessing,” he said, leaning closer to her until his words rustled the fine, stray hairs near her ear, “that I’m going to have to work to know who you are.”

She shuddered, and he put his hand on the small of her back, unwilling to wait any longer to touch her. The contact seared his palm, marking him.

“You catch on quick.” She slightly turned her head, lowering her voice. “Every guess you make about my name gets you a prize. However, if you don’t get it right before my clothes are off, you’re out of luck.”

“Wait, there’re a million names out there.”

“I don’t think you’ll mind playing though.” She rested a hand on his chest, and his heartbeat tripled in time. “Take your first guess now.”

His breathing went shallow. She was tart yet sweet beneath it all. She was hot yet cool. An enigma. What kind of name would she have?

He had no idea, so he threw one out there. “Based on blue eyes, dark hair and paradoxes alone, I’ll say Angelina.”

“Ooooo, an angel’s name for the media’s most questionably devilish woman.” She took off her sunglasses and slid them into her purse. “But…wrong. Although I do appreciate the thought.”

Her electric-blue eyes bore into him and he couldn’t stop himself from pressing her against his hardening groin.

Sucking in a breath, she paused, as if overcome.

“Why do we need all these games?” he asked, voice gritty.

But she ignored him. “Guess again, cowboy.”

Damn her. “Jennifer.”

Now he was being an impatient smart-ass.

Casually, maddeningly, she reached around to her ponytail and eased off the band that was holding it, then put that away, too.

As her wavy dark hair tumbled free, his penis strained against his jeans. Against her.

“I get it,” he said. “For every wrong answer…”

“You get more of a peek. You really can’t lose unless you win by guessing my name.”

Yeah, like getting her naked could ever be considered a loss. The thought of her bare and beautiful urged him to take her by the waist and hoist her into his truck, where she scooted back across the vinyl seats, past the long stick shift and to her side of the cab. There, she manually rolled down the window part way.

“Truly roomy,” she said, peering around the cab. “Clean… And it smells like air freshener.”

He got into the truck, slamming the door. He’d parked in a less frequented area of the lot, but there were still people coming to and from their cars. He and his Miss would have to be quiet and discreet.

But when she propped her sandaled foot right on the dashboard, assuming a sultry position, he wondered if that would be possible.

He caught a glimpse of pink panties and he all but blew apart.

She smiled, probably thinking she’d already won.


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